September 23, 2019

Complimentary Deals That Make Your Holidays Sweeter

There is something about this word that gets everyone intrigued, isn’t it? And who doesn’t like a bit more of that barrage of pampering services which […]
September 16, 2019

Excursions To A Misty Haven

Holidays to hill stations will never lose their charm. Our being a tropical country, we often seek out a destination that gives us relief from the […]
August 29, 2019
Luxury Resort Near Bangalore

Great Holiday Ideas with Java Rain Resort

Looking for holiday ideas for your next trip? Are you looking for a space that is an all-inclusive spot plus has a luxury factor to it? […]
August 26, 2019

One For The Family!!

Be it a quick weekend getaway or a long hiatus, heading to a unique destination with your family is very much needed in today’s hectic time. […]
August 14, 2019
JavaRain Resort is the best resort near Bangalore.

A Solo Sojourn For The Soul

Wonderful revelations and everlasting memories can come from simple things. Life is a huge surprise in itself for one can never know what awaits around the […]
August 9, 2019
Experience Monsoon Retreat in luxury resort

Monsoon Retreat at Java Rain

Monsoons can be rightly called as the boon granted to us by Mother Nature that coats the landscape with rich greenery, filling the air with pleasant […]
July 22, 2019
Corporate Events

Business or Leisure – Java Rain Resorts Has It All

Looking to mix business and leisure, then there is a perfect place for you. Counted as the best luxury resort in South India, Java Rain resorts […]
July 12, 2019
Nature Resorts In Karnataka

Benefits of Holidaying With an All-Inclusive Resort

An all-inclusive resort is a place where everything that a vacationer needs to make their holiday perfect is included in the package. And the best part […]
July 9, 2019
Resort Near Bangalore

Beat Stress The “Shvah” Way at Java Rain – Focusing on Wellness

Spa treatments is one of the oldest practices known to mankind and have been appreciated for their health-benefiting qualities. In modern times, it is at the […]